Low Carbon Agriculture

The Low Carbon Agriculture event helps farmers achieve a profitable and sustainable future, and in turn tackle climate change, through the generation of renewable energy, the implementation of low carbon technologies and best practice in both environmental and energy management

Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey is the Chief Revenue Officer of Incisive Media.

For over 20 years, Paul has been leading sales teams. During recent times, Paul has been focused on driving integration and alignment of all the revenue-related functions at Incisive Media. Paul has been instrumental in creating and managing sales strategy and process at Incisive Media whilst developing a high performing sales culture. Prior to this Paul was Group Sales Director across both technology, finance and sustainability brands which led to a successful PE sale of the technology brands.

Paul is currently confusing his four sons by supporting both Chelsea and Brentford.

Emma Cutbill

Emma Cutbill is the European Head of HR for Arc 

Emma has led the HR function at Incisive Media for many years and took on the Agriconnect business in October 2022 following the acquisition by Arc.  Emma and her team look after all aspects of the HR function from attracting and retaining employees though to learning and development, compensation and benefits and employee relations.  Emma’s whole career has been in B2B media, having worked at VNU Business Publications and Centaur Media before moving to Incisive Media at its conception. 

Emma’s passion in life are music and horses and when not working spends much of her time at gigs, horse riding or learning to box! 

Sophie Eke

Sophie Eke is the Chief Marketing Officer, Europe for Arc 

Sophie is responsible for leading the marketing, data and customer success strategy of the European businesses in the Arc network including Agriconnect, Bridge2Food and Incisive Media. Sophie has a wealth of experience across all types of event models including expos, conferences and awards and has launched and managed a number of subscription and membership products. She is an accomplished leader with a proven track record of managing and coaching high-performance teams, has extensive hands-on experience of event and marketing platform migration and how to apply this into successful product development. 

Sophie is a champion for improving workplace culture and staff engagement and is an industry mentor on the PPAs Next Gen Board.