Updated: 3 January 2023


Arc is a B2B events, data, and media platform founded to redefine business networking. Our aim is to seek out new ways to connect communities, wherever, whenever, or however, people need to come together to grow their business.

Acting in a responsible and sustainable manner is essential to our success as an organisation and as a community connector. We endeavour to minimise our environmental impact and embed sustainable practices into our business operations.

This document outlines our commitment and policy for environmental responsibility. It encompasses our responsibilities as a business, our expectations of colleagues, and the standards with which we will operate with partners.


We will continuously work on our commitment to sustainability. We will annually review the impact we have on the environment, the working environment and well-being of our colleagues, and the role our business and brands play in the marketplace.

Carbon footprint

  • Annually measure the carbon emissions generated by our network companies
  • Develop an ongoing plan for carbon emissions and waste reduction

Sustainability in brands

  • Have sustainability measurements and actions included in annual business planning
  • Use our brand platforms to help promote the UN Sustainable Development goals

Responsible stewards

  • Develop management policies and practices that consider all aspects of ESG throughout the Arc network
  • Continuously increase awareness of environmental and societal responsibilities amongst Arc colleagues



This policy applies to all of the Arc network, its businesses and brands, as well as any partnerships. We expect all Arc colleagues to actively participate in helping to achieve these commitments and adhering to this policy.

This policy is not an exhaustive list of our sustainable commitments. Arc and its network businesses have additional policies for other topics, such as Events Code of Conduct, Diversity & Inclusion, Travel, and Anti-Bribery and Corruption. For more information on those policies email [email protected].

Colleague responsibility principles

Arc expects all colleagues to adhere to these principles:

  • At all times, colleagues should comply with local and international laws and regulations, including those respecting human rights, protecting the environment and relating to ethical conduct.
  • All colleagues are expected to act with long-term regard for the environment and society and behave in a responsible and sustainable manner
  • All colleagues should seek to involve and include customers, partners, and other stakeholders, in acting in a responsible and sustainable manner
  • Any colleague engaged in decision making, purchasing, or planning, should consider the economic, social, and environmental impacts of decisions and endeavour to consider and consult all stakeholders in decisions to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes


Arc is committed to making its office environments more sustainable over time, providing a safe and inclusive environment supportive of colleague’s physical and mental wellbeing. Facilities and office management teams regularly examine: the use of paper and timber, the balance of renewable energy, increasing recycling capabilities, proximity to public transport, and bike/walk to work facilities.

In addition, all colleagues:

  • Have a responsibility to help reduce energy and waste
  • Must work towards reducing the environmental impact of offices by switching off lights and devices when not in use, making use of any recycling facilities, being considerate of material use
  • Must participate in creating a safe and inclusive workspace


Arc believes strongly in the power of face-to-face meetings, and therefore, business travel is an important part of the business. We are committed to ensuring that all travel undertaken has maximum business impact and is undertaken with an environmentally conscious mind-set.

Arc businesses have their own travel policies, however we expect all Arc colleagues to:

  • Prioritise safety when traveling
  • Travel with a purpose, digital technology should be the first option considered with travel as a second option, when meeting face-to-face is necessary
  • When travel is necessary, train and public transport should be the first options considered for travel

Sustainability in Arc Brands

Arc is proud to promote sustainability and sustainable works through its brands. Our brands influence sectors and businesses, creating potential to drive significant environmental and social impact.

Through Arc brands, we commit to:

  • Supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • Work toward running environmentally and socially responsible events, including examining waste, recycling, energy, and conduct policies for events
  • Work towards sustainability goals for all print products, including utilising all responsibly sourced paper, developing more efficient shipping practices and using only recyclable print wrapping
  • Work on developing better measurements and goals for reducing the carbon footprint of our digital products


Arc works with a number of partners on all aspects of its business, including the delivery of its products and operations. All of our partners must:

  • At all times, comply with local and international laws and regulations, including those respecting human rights, protecting the environment and relating to ethical conduct.
  • Act with long-term regard for the environment and society and behave in a responsible and sustainable manner
  • Act in an inclusive and collegial way, any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation or exploitation is unacceptable

Business Development

Arc is growing its business both organically and inorganically. In all business development activities Arc commits to:

  • Comply with all environmental, social and governance laws
  • Consider any risks from operating in certain geographies, markets, or with any partners
  • Consider the appropriate management and governance of any records, materials, or other data


Arc expects all colleagues to engage with this policy and act in a way that helps to create a more sustainable business. Any colleague who actively undermines or counteracts this policy, or whose action causes any breach in legal or regulatory responsibilities, may be subject to disciplinary action and/or criminally liable.